The New Face of Exercise

a football player

Next time you’re waiting your turn in the check-out line, pick up any magazine and see if it doesn’t say something about exercise or weight loss. And we as a nation are no longer content on the treadmill. What we desire in life is variation, and our exercise regime is no different. It’s no surprise, then, that sports training and trying to get ripped fast is becoming a very popular energy outlet among modern workout enthusiasts.

Marathons and fun runs used to be limited to arrows spray-painted on pavement and water tables peppering the roadside. But this is no longer the case. These days it doesn’t take much searching to find a race equivalent to a medieval obstacle training course, complete with mud, fire, and zombies leaping out of the nearest line of shrubbery. Around the next corner might be a rope ladder or a mud pit, a stretch of tires to jump through or walls to scale. Necessary to training obstacle course athletes is mimicking the very atmosphere of the course itself, so sports training and getting ripped abs has thus taken on a brand new persona in recent years.

Varying forms of obstacle course training have become the craze among these contemporary athletes who find joy in pushing their bodies to the limits in the most bizarre of circumstances to get ripped abs fast. Examples of exercise could range from rope systems on gym walls to wave-induced swimming pools for ultimate resistance. In their regular routines, this new age of athletes could be found in the gym, in the ocean, on the pavement, in trees, or anywhere in between. Variation is key, and they seek it out at all costs.

Take Parkour for example. It is a holistic kind of workout that originated f rom obstacle course training used in the military and was once something you saw on street corners from people who seemed of another world. Now it’s something you see from this new phase of athletes who recognize the value of holistic exercise and get ripped six pack abs. Or what about MovNat, an exercise system based on the ancestral ways of human movement that includes anything from walking and running to lifting, carrying, climbing, crawling, grappling, and jumping?

And then there is the infamous triathlon, which stands the test of time for the obvious reason that it combines three very different forms of exercise – swimming, biking, and running – into a varied test of physical performance. A tri fitness trainer today is just as sought-after as a decade ago. Why so? Because as some trends come and go, people will always be driven to test the limits of their bodies. And as long as there is the drive to be physically fit, the necessity of variation will be present. So don’t be surprised if you see someone jump and tumble off the wall beside your next stoplight. He may just be training for his next race.


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