Strategies for Getting Ripped Six Packs Abs Fast

six packs abs


If you really want to get the ripped six-pack abs, you need to reduce body fat and weight by reducing excess calorie intake. Along with high protein diet, regular exercise, and determination, you can develop ripped six pack abs fast.

The most important part of getting ripped six pack abs is to reduce body fat. The six pack abs start to appear when the body fat is reduced between 5% and 8% for males and to about 12% for females. Reducing fat and building muscles are very essential for getting the ripped six-pack abs. To build ripped six-pack abs you need to go to the gym regularly and do prescribed exercises that trigger muscle growth by making them larger and stronger. A balanced diet with fewer calories, rich in protein, and fiber along with plenty of fluid is ideal for getting ripped six pack abs fast.

The most common exercise to get the ripped abs fast is the crunch. The crunch should be done properly and regularly. To perform an effective crunch for ripped abs fast, you have to lie flat on your back on a solid surface. Have your knees a bent with your feet flat on the floor. Then place your hands just behind your head and lift your head towards the ceiling to 4 – 5 inches from the ground. Repeat this several times. Proper diet with reduced fat and more muscle building proteins, prescribed exercise, and the commitment to muscle-building strategy enable you to develop the ripped abs fast.

If you want to know how to get ripped abs fast at home, you have to remember that no amount of exercise will ever help unless the layer of fat covering all those abdominal muscles is reduced. You actually need to get your body fat down. Avoid food items containing refined sugar and saturated fat. Fiber up your diet and drink lots of water. Along with proper diet and cardio exercises you can lose unwanted fat and shed weight to develop the ripped abs fast at home.

Once you have trimmed down the excess fat, you can concentrate on building up of muscles to get ripped abs fast. There are many specific abdominal exercises that would help to develop the ripped abs such as reverse crunches, knee raises, side leg raises, side crunches, back extensions, and regular workouts for your question of how to get ripped abs fast. Work on your abs two to four days a week or every other day. Do four to five sets per session and ten to twelve repetitions per set which help you to get ripped abs fast.


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